The RCI’s Gala Dinners

Each year from 2007 the RCI has provided an occasion for Canada’s brightest scientists to discuss their current work with our partners and members at a Gala fundraising dinner.

Special thanks to

Compugen Inc. mars RBC Charitable Foundation
Daniel et Daniel Peninsula Ridge Estate Winery


Scientists are chosen from many disciplines and many of the academic institutions in southern Ontario; each becomes the host of a table of eight. Partners are awarded a number of places, and their guests, and individual ticket purchasers, can choose the table of greatest interest to them. After a reception of an hour or so, dinner commences. Each scientist is asked to provide a brief overview of her subject and/or current work, after which guests are free to ask any questions or initiate any topics that they would like the host to discuss.

Following the dinner, the President of the RCI opens a general Question and Answer period, at which any of the participants is free to direct a question to any of the scientists present.

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